Connect to any JVM

Using SSH, telnet or web, you can connect to a JVM running CRaSH and execute commands.

Powerful commands

Monitor or use virtual machine resources: CRaSH comes out of the box with a set of commands for JMX, database access, threads, memory usage, ...

Create your shell

In a few lines of code, you can embed CRaSH and expose your services via a powerful command line interface. The hot reload feature provides rapid development, adding CRaSH among your services is easy.


Standalone: tar.gz , gvm , rpm or brew

Embedded: Web , Spring , Mule , Vert.x , Grails or GateIn

Docs: tar.gz , reference , cookbook or javadoc


Distributions: tar.gz , web , spring , mule or gatein

Docs: tar.gz , reference , cookbook or javadoc

Spring Boot

CRaSH is officially embedded as Spring Boot remote shell.


CRaSH is used as the main shell for OSv, a new operating system designed for the cloud.

Social intranet Platform

eXo Platform

Provides a remote shell for eXo Platform with a JCR console

Mulesoft Enterprise Service Bus

A Mulesoft ESB integration created by David Dossot


A Vert.x module that provides an interactive shell for Vert.x

Grails Plugin

CRaSH is available as a Grails plugin

Play Framework

A Play 2 CRaSH Plugin

XWiki integration

A remote shell for the XWiki project


Silverpeas JCR shell