Julien Viet

Julien is passionate about open source and active in standards groups, he founded the CRaSH project the 19th of December 2009.

Alain Defrance

I'm an open source developer and contributed to several open source projects such as eXo Social, GateIn, CRaSH

Arnaud Héritier

OSS Lover, Arnaud contributes to various projects like Apache Maven, Jenkins and more recently Crash.

Henri Gomez

OSS activist, ASF Member, former Tomcat contributor. Dev, QA and Ops.

Damien Rieu

OSS developper. Fan of Java and Linux and of course CRaSH.

Emmanuel Hugonnet

OSS developer, I develop Silverpeas a collaborative portal solution, contribute code to various OSS projects and translate books and articles floss related.

David Dossot

Software Professional, Open Source Developer & Author. David contributes the Mule ESB integration to CRaSH.

Or Cohen

Web developer at heart, open source developer and ops consultant.